This is a team event which would give you an ultimate reality check on your knowledge about the technological advancements, current affairs and other related information about Computer Science. The winning group shall be awarded with cash prize along with certificates and trophy.


• Round 1 - This will be a basic written test which will involve current affair questions too. The 5 teams that would qualify from this round will face a higher difficulty level of questions.
• Round 2 – This will be a quizzing round where 5 teams would compete to beat each other to prove to be the best based on which the winners will be chosen.


• The time limit for the 1st round is 1hr.
• Answer to every question should be specifically given.
• Every group should consist of 3-4 members each.
• Use of smartphones, smart watches, calculators and other gadgets is strictly prohibited.
• Handwriting should be legible and preferably in block letters for the 1st round.


• The answers for the 1st round would be corrected by the judges as per the facts known.
• For the 2nd round the team with maximum number of correct answers will adjudged as the winner.