This is a group event which uses your analytical and aptitude skills in a proper combination of intelligence with smartness. It consists of 2 time limit based rounds. The winners shall be decided on the basis of their performance in both the rounds and shall be awarded certificates and trophies for the same.


• 1st round will contain quiz questions related to current affairs, general knowledge and general aptitude.
• 2nd round will be task oriented where the teams will be assigned a challenging question/task that they have to complete within the specified time limit.


• A team must consist of 2-4 members.
• The time limit for each round is set at 1hr each.


• 5 teams will be chosen as eligible for the second round and their rank will be decided based on the marks secured in round 1.
• The winners will be decided on the basis of round 1 and round 2.
• In case of a tie there will be a provision for a third round, the rules for which will be decided by the jury.
• In case of any discrepancy the coordinator's decision will be final.