Haven’t discovered yours? Well, here is your cue! Unravel the artistic side of yours before the world with the First Edition of Spectacolo-di-Talentti. If you think you have got a forte that will get the viewers at the edges of seats the stage here is waiting for you. An evening of extraordinary ability, flair and pure genius awaits you.


• This event may include the following arts:-
• Dance
• Skit
• Mono-action/Standup Comedy
• Karaoke
• Band Performance
or any such talent that you think will get the audience hooked.
• It may be a solo, duet or team performance.
• Each team may consist of maximum 10 members.
• No performance should exceed the limit of 10 minutes.
• The participants are required to bring their own music if any required.


The participants will be judged on the basis of the following:-
• Skill & Creativity
• Presentation
Rest of the criterion will be decided by the judges according to the performances.